Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Review: Treaclemoon - Marshmallow Hearts Bath & Shower Gel

I love a good pamper session, especially after a long day at work. Nothing rounds off a stressful day better than a nice long soak in a bubble bath to ease into the night, or a long refreshing shower to energise myself again.

I was recently sent this delightful bottle of Treaclemoon Candy Jar Marshmallow Hearts Bath & Shower Gel*. For those who regularly shop at either Tesco or Waitrose, you'll probably have seen this brand hovering around the bath & beauty aisles. For those of you who aren't familiar with treaclemoon, they are an independent UK brand producing deliciously fragranced bath & body products at very affordable prices.

I first spotted this brand months and months ago whilst shopping at Tesco. The happy looking bottles with the imaginative descriptions really caught my eye but this is the first time I've come across the Marshmallow Hearts fragrance. It honestly smells so scrumptious and (almost) good enough to eat. In fact, it's making me crave marshmallows right this minute.....

This shower gel foams up into a very generous lather and completely fills the room with the delicious scent of marshmallows. As a bubble bath, it really is a divine treat and leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling sweet. At only £2,99 a bottle, it gives the high end brands a run for their money!

Treaclemoon holds the motto of "always remember that true beauty begins from the heart" and, in keeping in line with this, they have recently parterned with BulliesOut, a charity to help young people in schools, work, and communities to realise their self-worth and potential. Growing up is a difficult time for young people and I'm glad to see that a fantastic brand is teaming up with a fantastic charity. I can't wait to see and hear more about their partnership and what other great things they will be involved in.

Have you tried any Treaclemoon products?
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lust List - Bags

People say that you either love shoes or you love bags. A few years ago I would have fitted into neither of those camps but now, I am obsessed with bags. I probably buy more than I should but I can't help it. Bags are just so pretty and so practical and really helps to complete my outfit. So here are the bags that I'm currently lusting after. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), I will definitely be purchasing at least one of these...

1. Cambridge 11" satchel in Oxblood. I love satchels in general but I've always wanted a genuine leather Cambridge satchel. It just looks so old school and smart, I can't help but fall in love with it. I like dark colours and this Oxblood shade is perfect, especially once Autumn arrives again. Yes, I know it's summer but hasn't this year flown by? At almost £100, it's hard to justify spending that much on a bag but it's currently on sale so maybe just maybe I'll be getting one....

2. Blossom Satchel. Following on from my love of satchels, this colour is perfect for the summer. I think that yellow is a colour that you either love or hate and I just love it. Sunshine springs to mind and this would be great for a day out at the park. 

3. Anchor Rucksack. Up until a few months ago, I would have turned away at the sight of a rucksack or backpack. As far as I was concerned, those are the kind of bags you have when you're in school. However, I have now fully converted. It's amazing how much easier a weekend away becomes when you can carry everything on your back as you try to weave your way through the train station and trek to your hotel.

4. Oriental Print Weekender Bag. I won't be giving up good old holdall bags just yet though. For more stylish weekends away (London, spa trips etc), I prefer to carry a stylish weekend bag just so I look the part when I get there. I love the simple fresh design of this one.

5. Floozie Gingham Tote Bag. Floozie by Frost French has such an adorable range of bags at Debenhams. This is one of my favourites with the classic gingham print and a nice dash of deep plum. A great Saturday shopping bag.

6. Zatchels Two Tone Satchel. You didn't think I'd stop at just two satchels on this post, did you? This is a really nice two tone satchel from Zatchels. They do a range of colour combinations but this navy and cream one is my favourite. Loving navy at the moment as it's still dark but a bit more interesting than black.

7. Smile Bag. A shopper bag is great for folding up and chucking in your handbag when you go out into town on a Saturday morning. Let's face it, most stores don't do the best shopping bags and they're nowhere near as strong as a good canvas bag. 

8. Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Bag. I first saw one of these about a year ago on Niomi Smart's Youtube channel. She has the one in white. I wasn't convinced to be honest and I just didn't see the appeal of it. Fast forward a year and my style and taste seems to have shifted slightly and now I'm lusting after one. They look simple but classy and apparently last for ages. I'm toying between getting one in navy or making like Kate Middleton and getting the black one so any suggestions are very welcome! Are they worth the price? Only time will tell... 

9. Kate Pocket Handheld Bag. I've wanted a new work bag for ages and this seems ideal. I love the deep plum colour of this as well as the compartment at the front. I've bought quite a few work bags recently but they're either been too big or too small so maybe this one might just fit the bill.

What do you think of my lust list?
Any bags catch your eye?

Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Little Bit Of Luxury - Origins GinZing Moisturiser

When it comes to skincare, I rate it with high importance as I love taking care of my skin. I've always been more inclined to purchase high street products as there are so many great ones out there. You don't need to spend a fortune on skincare products to get glowing skin.

However, armed with some gift vouchers that have been sitting in my purse for a good year and a half, I decided to treat myself to a little bit of luxury. I ended up settling on this Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser. Having tried out the tester pot, I was sold. 

Origins is a brand I've wanted to try out for so long but couldn't quite justify the price tag of most of their products. They are an environmentally friendly skincare brand who use all natural and organic ingredients alongside doing extensive scientific research to bring us the best products. As someone who has sensitive skin, this was music to my ears.

The product itself smells divine like freshly squeezed oranges. There is a hint of bitterness to it which adds to the natural smell, there is definitely nothing synthetic about this. I'm always a bit apprehensive of putting anything scented on my face but this really lifts my mood and makes me feel happy. 

The consistency is gel-like and glides on with such ease so a little really does go a long way. It sinks in well and contains ingredients such as coffee bean and ginzeng to give your skin a boost. It really is like a drink for your skin.

I bought the limited edition 75ml pot for around £25 in store but you can get it a little cheaper online at John Lewis at the moment. It definitely isn't a cheap moisturiser so I tend to just use it after I cleanse my face before bed so that it can sink in overnight. I always wake up with soft, supple skin which is just the best way to start the day!

This is one of the few luxury products that I have in my skincare stash and it sits with pride on my shelf. Have I now been converted to luxury skincare products? No. I still use my trusted Simple Hydrating Moisturiser in the mornings as I feel as though that's all I need for the day ahead but I now let my skin have a little bit of a treat at night.

Mixing a little bit of luxury with more affordable products is the way to go in my opinion and I would seriously consider repurchasing this once it runs out.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

You're Hot Then You're Cold

No, this is not about a boy. This is about the weather in the UK. It was only a few weeks ago that I remember wishing that I hadn't worn such a thick top into the office cause it was like summer had arrived early and, now, it's so cold again! I've spent the last week sitting in the office at work with my coat on for the first part of the morning, looking as though I'm not staying. I've also been figuring out how to use the thermostat in my home.... So it couldn't have come at a better time for me to be kindly sent some Heat Holders products to get me through the remainder of the cold weeks (or months) before summer officially begins.

Heat Holders products use a special yarn to create a high level of insulation to protect you from the cold and hold more warm air inside. You've got to love a bit of science, right?

I really like how these Ultimate Thermal Socks* keep my feet nice and cosy in the evenings. I've never had such thick and warm socks in my life and they're great for pulling on and curling up on the sofa with a hot drink before bed. The bottom of the socks have little grips on them to stop you from slipping when you're walking around the house, perfect if your house has laminated flooring like mine.

I was super excited to be sent this Neck Warmer* as I am someone who has an extremely sensitive neck, hence my obsession with scarves. If my neck is warm, I'm warm. If I am wearing about 10 layers but my neck is exposed, I may as well be in shorts and a t-shirt. Yeah, weird, right?

First of all, I love the colour of this and how the two shades of purple are intertwined in this super flexible yarn. The inner lining is a super soft fur-like material which keeps my neck cosy at all times. This is a product that I'll definitely be keeping by my side until the sun decides to make more of an apperance.

It'll be summer before we know it but, until then, these will be my best friends to get me through the chilly part(s) of the year...

You can also find Heat Holders on Facebook and Twitter.