Saturday, 22 November 2014

Heat Holders - Snugover

Baby, It's Cold Outside. It's no longer too early for Christmas references, right? ... And it really is getting cold outside! It's great to snuggle up in warm layers and have chilled-out evenings in the house. Recently, I was sent this Snugover* from Heat Holders, a company specialising in warm thermal clothing and accessories. 

I love how cosy this feels on, I'm really sensitive to fabrics particularly when it's cold so this is just perfect for me. I've loved wearing this during the cold evenings when I've watched films all cosy on the sofa. 

There are 3 colours to choose from and I opted for purple because it's nice to have a splash of colour to light up the darker days!

The fabric is so soft and snuggly which is a must for me as my skin is super sensitive to almost anything really hence why I used to steer clear of wearing jeans, but that's another story for another day...

Everyone in my family now wants one too so I'm thinking that this might just be an ideal Christmas present this December.

Will you be getting a Snugover?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Christmas Boutique

Christmas is coming! It's the 1st of November so I finally feel that it's appropriate to mention Christmas. Having said that, I know plenty of people that started their Christmas shopping during Summer and I also know lots of people who will most likely buy their gifts on Christmas Eve.

The team at The Christmas Boutique kindly sent me a lovely selection of their Christmas pieces and what's better than an online store dedicated to all things festive?

It did actually take me a while to figure out what this was for - totally should have checked the A4 sheet of paper that came with the parcel! Anyway, this is a draught excluder and I can imagine this would go down well with most young kids this Christmas. You could also place it on top of your mantelpiece!

As someone who loves cake (eating and baking), these are the perfect baubles to hang on the tree this Christmas. The large cupcake baubles are perhaps a little too big for the Christmas tree that I have but I'm sure I'll find somewhere to display them. I can't wait to cake up my tree next month!

I've always wanted to bake my own macarons but I've never got round to it so these are the next best thing, right? I love the bright colours and these will go perfectly with the cake baubles.

How adorable are these decorations? I'm still deciding whether to hang these on the tree next month or to hang them on one of the doors instead. The "sugar" has unfortunately come off a bit from Mr Gingerbread so I'll definitely have to handle these with care!

I love these tins as they'll be perfect for filling with festive cakes and biscuits and they'd make a great gift as well. If you're not into cakes and baking then you can always fill these with non-food items. I'm thinking of using the smallest tin to store some of my stationery at work so I can spruce up my desk space a bit. 

If you're buying wine for anyone this Christmas, you might want to consider this festive bottle bag holder. You could also fill it with treats and use it as an alternative stocking. I'm currently using it to store my lovely body lotions!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
P.S: Happy November!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Nude Jewellery

Gosh it's been way too long since I've written a jewellery post. I've had a break from jewellery recently but I've started to wear all of my necklaces and bracelets again. I forgot what great accessories they can make and it's a good way to spruce up a dull outfit.

I was recently sent this lovely Glitter Ball Bracelet* from Nude Jewellery, a London-based jewellers showcasing contemporary pieces from a range of designers. This bracelet is from the Glitter Ball Collection designed by Nikki Galloway, a Jewellery Design graduate. This collection features pieces made from sterling silver which is hammered to give a reflective effect. 

First of all, the packaging is a lot grander than I expected it to be and it would definitely make a brilliant gift for a loved one or even for yourself because who doesn't love a nicely packaged product?

The hammered effect is subtle and I love the way it reflects the light. The bracelet has several hoops on the end to fit various wrist sizes and it is secured with a clasp.

I have to admit that when I first saw the bracelet, I was a little apprehensive as it's not what I would normally choose myself but once I put it on, I loved it. I've had a few compliments already which is always a great indication that you're wearing something lovely! I think this is great for casual wear but you could equally dress it up with a nice dress for an evening out with the girls.

This is priced at £175 and is available online at Nude Jewellery
What do you think of this bracelet?

Friday, 17 October 2014


I got to thinking the other day about how we spend a lot of our time waiting. We wait in the queue when we're shopping. We wait for the alarm to go off when we wake up an extra 5 minutes early but can't bring ourselves to get out of bed. We wait for the clock to strike 5 when we've had a tiring day at work. We wait at home for that postman to deliver the parcel because we don't want to miss it. We wait for people to turn up. We wait for people to pick up the phone. 

Waiting isn't always such a bad thing though. Imagine what life would be like if we never had to wait for anything. There would be no pauses. There would be no anticipation. Life would be fast forwarded and we wouldn't appreciate things as much if we never had to wait for them.

I like to wait for cakes to bake in the oven as I love watching them rise. I like to wait for the next train to arrive when I'm doing several train changes because I don't have to rush and I can do a bit of window shopping. I like to wait for the next episode of my favourite TV series because it builds up anticipation and, quite frankly, I wouldn't have the time to catch up with it if it was on back to back. In fact, sometimes I wish I could just press the pause button on life whilst I gather my thoughts (and my belongings) before continuing on with the next thing. 

Don't ever sit around waiting for something that might never happen, don't wait to say something tomorrow when you can say it today, and don't wait around for someone who doesn't want to turn up. But there a lot of things in life that are worth waiting for.