Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Happy Sunday

I love having good Sundays. It makes me feel like my week is complete and it ends the week on a high. It also prepares me for the week ahead and fills me with positivity. 

Today, I took a long drive into the city for a delicious lunch. The scrumptious scones above were just a fraction of the amazing afternoon tea that I enjoyed and it was worth every penny. 

Delicious food, great company, and an enjoyable day out somewhere new. I've definitely had a beautiful Sunday and I can't wait to do some more exploring before the year ends.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Time Out

I am a busy bee and a self-confessed workaholic at times. I get restless when I'm not busy and my mind does somersaults when my diary is not full. If there are extra hours and extra work to be done in the office, I will be the first one to offer my time. If I'm sat at home on a weekend, I go out of my mind trying to find things to do. I wake up at the crack of dawn every morning and I work out after work every evening. Any spare time I do have is usually used to look up potential places to go, organising lunches and days out with my friends, and planning for the future. It's safe to say that I am at my happiest when every minute of my time is being used up.

A couple of weeks ago, it suddenly hit me that I was shattered and exhausted. I became so obsessed with keeping a busy lifestyle that I forgot to take time out to rest and relax. I forgot the importance of simply lying back and doing nothing. I forgot how nice is was to simply go out for a walk.

I finally managed to get away for a couple of days recently and, honestly, I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated. Even something simple such as having my favourite drink from Starbucks in the morning was just so lovely to experience, prior to heading out for a day of walking around a beautiful city. 

We all need a bit of time out. I hope you've all had an amazing week.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Happy Things #2

Macarons. I can not count the amount of times I've walked past the macaron counter in Selfridges Food Hall and been so tempted by the colourful array of goodies. Well I finally gave in and bought myself a selection. They were even tastier than I imagined they'd be and I highly recommend the Salted Caramel one as well as the Jasmine & Lychee one. I could easily devour a box of them every day.

Plans for the rest of the year. Most people have had their glorious holidays over the summer but, for me, the fun starts next month. I have so many little trips planned before the end of the year and I can't wait. I may very well be blogging about some of them too...

Hair grips. Why is it that I could buy a whole pack of these yet not be able to find a single one? They seem to slowly disappear as the months progress and I finally lost all of mine so I had to get a brand new pack. These ones are from Boots and I love them as they have a rubberised coating which means they don't slip out of my hair so easily. These little grips are like my hairs' best friend.

I hope you've all had a wonderful week!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

A New Way To De-Stress

Let's face it, we all get stressed from time to time. I'm forever trying to find new ways to de-stress after a long day and I think I've finally found a good one. Colouring!

Apparently adults all over the UK are turning to colouring books to make their stresses float away and, having loved colouring books as a kid, I knew I had to give it a go again. There are plenty of so-called "grown up" colouring books out there so I spent ages browsing Amazon before I ended up purchasing The Mindfulness Colouring Book which is described as "anti-stress art therapy for busy people" - it sounded perfect for someone like me!

I love how small this book is which means I can take it with me in my bag when I'm going on long journeys or when I have a spare ten minutes here and there. I will definitely be taking this with me when I go away on holiday later this year. I knew I'd enjoy colouring in this book but I didn't realise how much. With my Spotify playlist playing through my iPod, I was colouring in for a whole hour the first time I used this. This was during a Sunday when I had an awful lot on my mind pretty much all day and it was driving me insane thinking about the same thing over and over again. It was amazing how it all just drifted away as I put my pencil crayons to paper....

I only wish I'd started colouring sooner as it really does make my stresses drift away. Some of my friends and family think I'm a little mad for buying a colouring book and a brand new set of pencil crayons, but it works!

How do you de-stress?