Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Bunny

I'll start off by saying that I'm not really a candle person. I've never lit a candle in my bedroom, ever. I've developed a love of all things bunny-related recently, though, so I was very excited to find this Easter Bunny Tealight Holder from Yankee Candle. It just looks so adorable in my bedroom and it's definitely not just for Easter.

Of course, I needed some tealights to go in too so I opted for the Vanilla Cupcake Tealights because I love baking, so anything cake-related gets a big thumbs-up from me!

Funnily enough, I still haven't lit any candles yet. I didn't want to leave my tealight holder empty but, at the same time, I am super paranoid about causing a house fire. So for now, it'll just be for decoration, and I still get small whiffs of vanilla when I walk past it.

I hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous weather today. The sun always seems to be shining bright on Good Friday. I've got a lovely weekend planned and I hope you all do too. 

Happy Easter Weekend!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review: Baker Days Letterbox Cake

As someone who loves cakes and baking, this cute little package was warmly welcomed through my letterbox. Who knew it could be this easy to get your hands on some cake? This Baker Days Letterbox Cake* is small enough to be delivered with the rest of your post so you don't even need to be in the house! 

Baker Days offers a selection of creative cakes from small Letterbox Cakes to Large Cakes that are suitable for big parties of corporate events. There are many designs to choose from and you can even come up with some ideas of your own. 

For my cake, I choose the design that says "Keep Calm The Best Is Yet To Come". I just thought that this was such an uplifting message and it's perfect for giving someone a little pick-me-up. It arrived in a reusable tin to keep the cake fresh, and it's great for storing little bits and pieces in once you've devoured the cake!

The cake itself was surprisingly fresh despite the fact that it had been transported all this way. The sponge was firm and I loved the thin buttercream layer between the fondant icing and the sponge. I'm not the biggest fan of fondant icing but I quite liked this and it's quite tasty in moderation. 

Although I prefer doing the baking myself, this is a great alternative when you want to give a cake to someone who doesn't live nearby. A Letterbox Cake will be so much better than sending someone a card or flowers. They also won't be expecting it so it'll be a fantastic surprise! You can also order a cake for yourself just because you're craving cake....

Have you ordered from Baker Days before?
*PR sample

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Relax, Take It Easy.

It's no secret that I love taking trips to various cities. There's always plenty to do and lots of shops to go crazy in! The other day, though, I decided to head to a small market town instead as it was the last chance to see one of my friends before he moves away. 

As much as I love large cities, market towns usually have a charm about them and you can almost guarantee that there'll be lots of independent boutiques and quirky cafes lined along the high street. Perfect for a relaxing day out.

One of the first things we did was get food. We found a cute little tea room on the high street. Funnily enough, I didn't opt for Afternoon Tea as I wanted to eat something that would fill me up a bit more as I was so hungry! I chose Eggs Benedict, which I've never had before. It's basically muffins, poached eggs, and crispy bacon, topped off with a delicious Hollandaise sauce. It was scrumptious!

Afterwards, we had a look around some of the shops. There was a lovely sweet shop selling a delicious selection of sweet treats. They even had marshmallow sandwiches and marshmallow pizzas! 

When I saw this Alice in Wonderland themed sign outside a shop, I knew I had to go in. I wish there was an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room there, that would have been amazing!

I didn't buy anything in there but I love the look of these bottles with the tab on. I'm not entirely sure what they were, possibly tea or herbs...

Overall, it was a great day out and I'm so glad I took some time out to see my friend before he leaves. It was also nice to just go somewhere different. Cities are exciting, but quirky little towns are much more calming and there are so many hidden treasures to be found.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Review: ResinSparkles

Throughout my life (which makes me sound like I'm about 40, I'm not...), I've owned so many different types of jewellery. I went through a phase where I'd only wear necklaces that I'd made myself. During the final few years of school, I was obsessed with fashion jewellery that I'd just throw on top of shirts that I was wearing. Nowadays, I'm more into fine jewellery. Nevertheless, I love checking out different types of jewellery and one that I haven't yet come across until now is resin jewellery.

I was recently introduced to a jewellery company called ResinSparkles, set up by a graduate with a love of all things sparkly. The pieces are made from a material called resin which gives a similar appearance to glass but is a lot lighter and less breakable. 

For anyone who is a fan of Doctor Who, ResinSparkles has a great selection of Doctor Who designs which I am sure you will love!

One of the pieces that I was sent was this Rainbow Heart Pendant Necklace*, definitely my favourite out of the three. During my fashion jewellery phase, I would have snapped this up straight away. The transparent glass-like effect looks amazing and I love the blend of all the glitters. This is something that I'll probably wear on top of flowy tops as the weather starts to get warmer.

This next piece is a Large Clockwork Heart Pendant Necklace*, a very unique piece that I haven't come across before. This is made using a mixture of resin, glitter, and watch pieces! Although this necklace is a little darker than what I'd normally go for, I really like the uniqueness of it and I also love the fact that organza ribbon has been used rather than a metallic chain.

Lastly, I received this Four Leaf Clover Charm*. It came without a chain but I've used the rainbow necklace chain for the image above. This would make a cute little purchase for anyone who is superstitious or anyone who loves the whole notion of a lucky charm.  

What do think of jewellery made from resin?

*PR sample.